The Simply Loverly Big Cable Beanie Crochet Pattern

OK I admit – as a crocheter, I look at all the beautiful and lovely big cables on knitted hats with envy. I am learning how to knit myself (I bought my first cable needle today! Probably prematurely… I am not very good yet) – but I know many people that are amazing crocheters who don’t, and I have come to the conclusion: CROCHETERS NEED BIG CABLES TOO!


This is why I designed The Simply Loverly Big Cable Beanie.

What I really love about this beanie is that it works up so quickly because it uses a chunky yarn. It has a really popular look to it, and it is fitted perfectly so that you have a hat that not only looks good off – but on too! It really is an easy pattern too if you know how to cable and if you don’t this is a good pattern to learn how to do it on (because it uses chunky yarn that is easy to work with).

By the way, this is a pressing question I have been wondering: do you like using chunky yarn for your projects? What is your favorite weight of yarn to work with?


Isn’t it darling?! Here is the link to the crochet pattern in my etsy shop here: The Simply Loverly Cable Beanie

And my ravelry here —-> The Simply Loverly Cable Beanie (this is where I take paypal if you prefer it instead of using a card)

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @fiberandfern for all upcoming designs and upcoming sales!

Thanks lovelies for all your support! I hope you like this pattern as much as I do!

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