The Primrose Beanie Crochet Pattern


My husband said to me the other day “You know, you really need to do a small project that you enjoy.” This is true – my last pattern I published was The Cordelia Wall Hanging and it was a huge endeavor. I love it though – I have my piece hanging up in my house, and it looks amazing! It did take forever to get perfect though, and although impressive – it wore me out.

SO, I started fiddling around with the idea of a beanie! I love fitted beanies with plenty of detailed texture, and lets be honest – there are just not enough of them out there in the crochet world. Most crochet beanies fit funky or if they fit right, look so Plain Jane its not worth the work.

I also reaaalllly need to do some stash busting, and this takes less than one skein of yarn (we also need more of these crochet patterns in the world).

So, some fiddling around, a bit of frogging, and a night of stitchflixing – this is what I came up with!


Aren’t they beautiful? They fit so perfectly, and they look great WITH or without a pom pom (my faux fur one is actually removable – I can’t decide whether I like it more with or without!)

So, if you happen to be looking for a EASY, FUN, PRETTY STASH BUSTER – I designed the perfect project for you. It’s only 4 dollars for the pattern in my Etsy shop —->>>> HERE!

Be sure to follow me on my Instagram @fiberandfern for all sales updates and giveaways!

Thanks lovelies!

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