The Cordelia Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Have you ever done something that you are so extremely proud of? Your blood, sweat, and tears have poured into this project – and there are so many times you almost gave up – but you kept going anyway and you DID it! What a RELIEF!

That is how I feel when I finally finished this pattern and uploaded it. My goodness, as soon as I pushed that “publish” button, I did a little happy dance – because I could finally move on with my life!

It’s not that it is a crazy complicated pattern – it’s just that getting the LOOK exactly the way I wanted this wall hanging to be took a lot of trial and error (if you know basic crochet – you actually will have NO problem with this pattern!).

But, thank goodness! It’s here for YOU, and now you can make something IMPRESSIVE! This piece is so versatile – it can be a decoration for a shabby chic wedding, a modern macramé-esque piece for your living room – or the comfy cozy rustic tapestry you hang in your bedroom. Depending on the fiber you use, there are SO many possibilities – and you can enjoy it year round, no matter what the season! Oh goodness, this really is the perfect project.

I want you to have this wall hanging in your house, and for you to showcase your talent to all your houseguests. It is currently in my etsy shop and the link to it is  ——-> HERE.

Now, I have something so exciting in mind for you: if you buy this pattern, make it, and post it to your Instagram while tagging me (@fiberandfern) I will TOTALLY reimburse you for your purchase. This means, basically, it will be FREE!

This is available until the end of 2017. I want you to have plenty of time to make your beautiful wall hanging! Your support means so much to me, and you totally deserve this.




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